Friday, 10 September 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #4: My Bed!

Ah, a subject dear to my heart! As I'm sure many of you know, anything can be a cat bed.

I used to curl up in this plastic box in the evenings, so when NJ and Mr L wanted me to go downstairs for the night, they'd have to carry me in the box, MOL!

I do love to curl up in the grass on a warm day. Unfortunately, there are bitey insects who live in the grass, and I'm allergic to them :( This summer I had to get antibiotics and steroids, I got bitten so badly!

I can't resist an open door or drawer. I climbed in here when Mr L was putting his laundry away, and he didn't have the heart to move me! Even when I kept him and NJ awake with my snoring - erm, I mean sleep-purring!

It's hard to beat a nice cosy human lap for sleeps. If you try your best to look super-cute, they'll let you stay there all evening ;)

The upstairs windowsill is great for keeping an eye on things in the neighbourhood - or for napping while staying visible to all the other cats!

You know, this post has made me quite sleepy - I think I'll go for a nap now! Zzzzzzzzzz...


  1. Awww buddy - you are so very cute. We have the oomans right where we want them. I get a lap to nap on too whenever I want. It's the best place to nap.

  2. sweet bloggy post. Makes me want to nap aswel. Drawers are the best. Puuurrs