Tuesday, 23 February 2010

How it all began

The duckie songs started at a pawpawty last year. Grimy Duck had been in a nomming booth all day ("Pay a Buck to Nom the Duck!!!") and had gotten a bit, well, merry from all the niptini-slobber ;) He escaped from the booth and streaked round the pawpawty while Manxington and Sekurity Captain Snick the Dog chased after him. Luckily I was able to catch him as he ran past me, and once we had him under control, I sang him a couple of lullabyes to send him off to dreamland while the effects wore off.

"Go to sleep, go to sleep
Go to sleep, Grimy Duckie
Go to sleep, go to sleep
We will nom on you some more!"

"Rock-a-bye Grimy in Manxington's paws
You've had too much nip and you're showing some flaws
But just go to sleep and snuggle in bed
And Snickers will come to nom on your head!"

And the rest is history...


  1. oh the memories! that was one of the funnest pawpawties. BOL. i lovs nomming duckie. ^-,-^

  2. I just found you today friend. Didn't even know you had a blog. Hope you will update again soon. Like your singing.

  3. Those are pawesome. I calls mai duckie Grimy also. He got dirt on him that wont come out. then he disapears when Ma say "Bath"" Mol